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               Electronics-Related Materials
  for Screen Printing HP Series inquiry   Semiconductor-Related
    HP series is a high heat resistant paste with screen printable capability. It is used as junction coating resin for power devices and compliant layer for wafer level CSP. It is also suitable for non-contact high accuracy dispensing.     CMP Slurry
         for STI
       for Metals
      Die Bonding Paste
       for Lead Frame
         for Substrate
  HL Series      Die Bonding Film
               DF, HS Series
    Features      Dicing Die Bonding Film
  The main feature of HP-500 is a polyimide series paste (varnish) with a particle-type      Underfill Film
          soluble polyimide filler. While printing, the filler adds its thixotropic property to the     Epoxy Molding Compound
          paste, so that the printing process goes more smoothly. Then, after baking process,      for Lead Frame
          the filler dissolves in the base paste forming a uniform film. This is why the screened      for Substrate
           polyimide paste shows the excellent mechanical property and insulation.      Environmentally Friendly Type
         for Power Devices
   Cross section of film     Liquid Encapsulants
              CEL-C Series
       Thermoplastic Type
      High Heat Resistant Coating Material
       HL Series
    for Screen Printing HP Series
   New                                                                  Conventional     LOC Tape
       HM Series
      Map Molding Support Tape
       RT Series
    Display & Optics-Related
    Base Materials for PWBs
    Printed Wiring Boards
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   Other Features      HOME
  Lactone type solvent is safe and used in our paste for low moisture absorption.      Hitachi Chemical. Co, Ltd.
         Therefore, it shows excellent workability and stability.    
  Excellent adhesion on silicon wafers and polyimide substrates.  
  Possibility of non-contact coating by using a dispenser.  
  Junction coating film for power devices  
  Buffer coating film for semiconductor devices  
  Stress buffer for wafer level CSP  
  Protective film for electronic parts  
     Screen printing process is an attractive way of simplifying semiconductor manufacturing    process. It requires a mesh or metal screen. A screen printer aligns the screen in a substrate    fixed on the table by air pressure, and then prints the screen pattern onto the substrate,    applying paste with a brush. Mainly for this process, Hitachi Chemical has developed two new    types of polyimide pastes. One of the type is "HP-500" series based on polyimide paste as    heat-resistant paste with the printing function. The other type is "HP-200" series based on    polyamideimide paste. These pastes are very useful for the development and design of    advanced semiconductors.  
     Application for WL-CSP  
  It is an efficient way to use the paste, while spin-on coating process wastes large amount    
         of the paste.  
  Thick coating and fine patterns in large scale wafer (up to 300mm in diameter) can be  
         obtained by single printing.  
   Characteristics (Typical Values)  
Item Unit HP-500 HP-300 HP-200 Test method
 Features -- Polyimide type
High heat resistant
High Insulation
Polyamideimide type
"Low temp. film formation"
Polyamideimide type
"Low temp. film formation"
Low elastic modulus
 Paste  properties  Solid  content % 25 22 26 --
 Viscosity Pa/s 100 100 100 E-type visometer
 Thixotropy -- 3.6 3.2 3.2 --
 Applicable film thickness um 5-20 5-20 40-50 --
 Film  properties  Tg C 260 210 198 TMA
 Decomposition  temp. C 485 410 400 TGA
 CTE ppm/C 38 55 100 TMA
 Elastic  modulus Gpa 3.2 2.8 0.9 DMA
  * Curing conditions  
  HP-500 : 100C/10min. +150C/10min. +350C/60min.
  HP-300?200 : 100C/10min. +150C/10min. +250C/60min.