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               Electronics-Related Materials
  for Substrate     inquiry   Semiconductor-Related
    This type is suitable for BGA and CSP, and has low warpage and excellent reflow crack resistance. It is also applicable for packages with narrow pad pitch and long wire.     CMP Slurry
         for STI
       for Metals
      Die Bonding Paste
         for Lead Frame
         for Substrate
  for Lead Frame      Die Bonding Film
               DF, HS Series
    Features      Dicing Die Bonding Film
  Small warpage after molding      Underfill Film
  Excellent reflow crack resistance     Epoxy Molding Compound
  Applicability to mold underfilling process      for Lead Frame
      for Substrate
      <Applications>      Environmentally Friendly Type
         CSP, BGA, Stacked MCP and etc.      for Power Devices
      Liquid Encapsulants
       CEL-C Series
       Thermoplastic Type
      High Heat Resistant Coating Material
    Process      HL Series
       for Screen Printing HL-P Series
      LOC Tape
       HM Series
      Map Molding Support Tape
       RT Series
    Display & Optics-Related
    Characteristics (Typical Values)   Base Materials for PWBs
Item Unit CEL-1702 HF13 CEL-1802 HF19 CEL-9700 HF10 CEL-9750 HF10 CEL-9750
 Applications -- BOC BOC BGA, CSP
 Flame retardant type -- Metal hydroxide Organic phosphorous No flame retardant No flame retardant No flame retardant
 Spiral flow cm 90 90 110 145 150
 Tg °C  125 120 125 140 150
 CTE  a1 ppm/°C  12 9 6 7 7
 a2 ppm/°C  45 36 27 29 27
 Flexural modulus GPa 16 17 27 27 26
 Mold shrinkage % 0.32 0.35 0.10 0.10 0.08
Printed Wiring Boards
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