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               Electronics-Related Materials
  for Substrate     inquiry   Semiconductor-Related
    " EPINAL" has an excellent adhesion to various materials. The adhesiveness is controllable for different chip sizes and die bonding condition. It is available for Pb-free reflow.     CMP Slurry
         for STI
       for Metals
        Die Bonding Paste
         for Lead Frame
      for Substrate
  for Leadframe      Die Bonding Film
               DF, HS Series
    Features      Dicing Die Bonding Film
  Superior heat resistance improves wire bondability and reduces chip contamination      Underfill Film
          during wire bonding process due to low outgassing.     Epoxy Molding Compound
  Low stress paste minimizes the die warp and enhances the reliability of large chips      for Lead Frame
  Excellent adhesion to solder resist      for Substrate
  Less void and bleed      Environmentally Friendly Type
         for Power Devices
    Process     Liquid Encapsulants
       CEL-C Series
       Thermoplastic Type
      High Heat Resistant Coating Material
       HL Series
       for Screen Printing HL-P Series
      LOC Tape
       HM Series
      Map Molding Support Tape
       RT Series
    Display & Optics-Related
      Base Materials for PWBs
      Printed Wiring Boards
         Advanced Performance    Products
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