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               Electronics-Related Materials
  for STI     inquiry   Semiconductor-Related
    Hitachi Chemical is a leading company of CeO2 slurry for STI. "GPX" shows excellent polishing performance and it is suitable for finer patterens.     CMP Slurry
    for STI
       for Metals
        Die Bonding Paste
         for Lead Frame
         for Substrate
    for Metals      Die Bonding Film
               DF, HS Series
    Features      Dicing Die Bonding Film
  Free form scratches by using tuned CeO2 particles.      Underfill Film
  High removal rate at low slurry content (CeO2:1%).     Epoxy Molding Compound
  High planarization and selectivity between SiO2 and Si3N 4.      for Lead Frame
  Unnecessary for conventional etch back process.      for Substrate
         Environmentally Friendly Type
    CMP Process      for Power Devices
      Liquid Encapsulants
       CEL-C Series
       Thermoplastic Type
      High Heat Resistant Coating Material
       HL Series
       for Screen Printing HL-P Series
      LOC Tape
       HM Series
      Map Molding Support Tape
       RT Series
    Display & Optics-Related
  Advanced semiconductor devices with high performance are required to have multi-level   Base Materials for PWBs
  layers, fine patterns to obtain high speed transmission. CMP process is indespensable to   Printed Wiring Boards
  have well-planarized interlayer dielectric or metals in LSI and accomplish the above   Capacitors
requirments.    Advanced Performance    Products
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     Products Alphabetical List
    Characteristics (Typical Values)      Hitachi Chemical. Co, Ltd.
Item Unit HS-8005 series
HS-8005 series
HS-9000 series SiO2 slurry
 Features -- High planarization Low scratch Good workability --
 Supply form -- 2 components 2 components 1 component 1 component
 Residual step  height nm 50 10 10 200
 Automatic stop  on Si3N4 -- Available Available Available Available