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               Electronics-Related Materials
        inquiry   Semiconductor-Related
    This is a mass-produced IC test fixture and eliminated the need for manual wiring.   Display & Optics-Related
      Base materials for PWBs
    Printed Wiring Boards
         Package Substrate <High Density       Dielectric Build-up Multilayer       Board>  
         Package Substrate <Cavity BGA>
         High Layer and Large Size PWB
               High Density Build-up Multilayer       Board <HITAVIA>
  Realizes electric characteristics equivalent with conventional tester board, by adopting      High Density Multi-Wire Board
          the MWB technology on the socket board and performance board.      PWB for IC Testers
  The system is economical since varieties of ICs can be rolled out just by replacing a   Test Fixture System for Logic IC
          socket board.   Capacitors
  Superior setup as the performance and ring sections are permanently provided on the      Advanced Performance    Products
        tester's head.
  Capable of saving space of the DUT board management place.      Products Category List
  Improves connection reliability by eliminating manual wiring.      Products Alphabetical List
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