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               Electronics-Related Materials
        inquiry   Semiconductor-Related
    High Density Interconnection(HDI) Multilayer Board is using materials and processes developed on our own. As a product attaining both higher density and higher reliability, it is able to realize downsizing, weight reduction and functional improvement of electronic equipment.   Display & Optics-Related
      Base materials for PWBs
    Printed Wiring Boards
       Package Substrate <High Density       Dielectric Build-up Multilayer       Board>  
         Package Substrate <Cavity BGA>
         High Layer and Large Size PWB
            High Density Build-up Multilayer        Board <HITAVIA>
  The stable production of the minimum line/space 75/75m is possible because      High Density Multi-Wire Board
          conductor thickness is uniform.      PWB for IC Testers
  By using our base materials, we can respond quickly to our customer needs by the      Test Fixture System for Logic IC
          halogen-free property and the high frequency property.   Capacitors
  Achieving high elastic modulus by using prepreg in build-up layers.      Advanced Performance    Products
         Products Category List
  Cross Section of Multiple Layer IVH      Products Alphabetical List
       Hitachi Chemical. Co, Ltd.
  Daughter Board for Base Station, Mother Board for Small Portable Devices, Mother  
         Board with FBGA etc.