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               Electronics-Related Materials
        inquiry   Semiconductor-Related
    A multilayer board suitable for applications requiring higher density and increase in number of layers. This board is also applicable to large-size products.   Display & Optics-Related
      Base materials for PWBs
    Printed Wiring Boards
         Package Substrate <High Density       Dielectric Build-up Multilayer       Board>  
         Package Substrate <Cavity BGA>
      High Layer and Large Size PWB
               High Density Build-up Multilayer       Board <HITAVIA>
  Realize superior plating process of the through-holes with a high aspect ratio, by using      High Density Multi-Wire Board
          our own electroless copper plating technology.      PWB for IC Testers
  Capable of producing large-sized products (1150~470 (mm) for 4-layer, 790~610 (mm)      Test Fixture System for Logic IC
          for 6-layer or more)   Capacitors
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