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               Electronics-Related Materials
  Outline of RFID Products     inquiry      Advanced Perfromance    Products
   Outline of Hitachi Chemical's RFID   Functional Film Products
  Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. had been starting RFID business from HF contactless IC card in 1997      Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Film
  and expanding business area to HF (13.56MHz), Micro wave (2.45GHz) and UHF (860-960MHz)      Adhesive Film For Display
  as of today, and now handling products all of them.      Film for Semiconductor Related       Product
  We are developing business by utilizing features of each frequency in various fields such as  
  Finance (document control system), Amusement (game center, theme park), Public (IC Card,      Masking Film for a Plating Process
  Tag), Foods (conveyor-belt sushi bar, auto register) Power plant (equipment control) Logistics      Cross-linked foamed polyethylene
  and distribution (trace of article, inventory count, bland control). And now we introduce new UHF      Inorganic dense-packed foam
  products for global cases.      Foamed polyethylene thermal
             insulation sleeve
   New Products      SPD Film "LCF-1103DHA"
  Today Hitachi Chemical introduce three UHF RFID products which will be able to apply to many   RFID Products UHF(860- 960MHz)
  applications and just for that purpose. These are  
  (1) Ultra small package Tag (2) Document Control Tag (3) Weldable metallic Tag . All these are   Outline of RFID Products
  compliant with ISO/IEC18000-6C, EPCglobal C1Gen2.      Ultra Small Package Tag
         Document Tag
  (1) Ultra small package Tag      Metallic Tag
The tag is produced as small package tag with built-in
antenna and achieve ultra small size, high durability
and high productivity. The size of package is 2.5 square
mm. The tag is readable by standard UHF reader
directly without extra antenna, and has high reliability
under harsh conditions as same level as
semiconnductor parts, and is able to apply to various
articles. And easy to expand read range with booster
antenna. Therefore the tag is not only a tag itself but
also as row material for other various kind of tags such
as near metal, inside molding, for have industry etc.
  Carbon & Ceramics
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  (2) Document Control Tag  
The tag is optimized for document control especially to
read in very narrow space of documents. Current
standard tags can not read in under 5mm space of
documents. And the document tag can read even
1.2mm space of documents. Read range is also
optimized for scanning read to achieve 100% by one or
two time reader scanning of documents in the shelf.
Customer can established high cost effective system
for inventory clearance and picking target of document.
We already have many actual use case for bank,
hospital and library for document and book control
with the document control tag.
  (3) Weldable metallic Tag  
The tag can be attached to metallic material directly
by welding. It is stronger and easier than other method
such as screw and rivet. The tag is outer covering with
stainless, and is able to apply to management and
maintance of equipment, facilities and metal materials
under harsh environment .
  All products are compliant with ISO/IEC 18000-C, EPCglobal C1G2.  
  Anti-collision and writable user data  
   IC Chip Specifications  
Standard IC Chip Memory (byte) USER (byte) EPC (byte)
EPCglobal C1G2 UCODE G2XM 110 64 30
UHF RFID Protocal Monza5 30 0 16
   News Releases  
  Sep.13.2011 Developed "UHF Ultra-Small Package Tag" and Starting Sample Shipment  
         from October, 2011  
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