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    Hitachi Chemical's SPD Film provides exceptional comfort because it allows users to quickly control the amount of light, glare and heat passing through windows and other gSPD-Smarth products. Highlights of SPD Film sales include a very large installation in a conference room and classrooms at Indiana University.  
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  Hitachi Chemical has developed SPD (Suspended Particle Device) Film - "LCF-1103DHA" - through a technical license agreement with Research Frontiers Inc.  
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         SPD Film "LCF-1103DHA"
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  Widely control light transmittance      Hitachi Chemical. Co, Ltd.
          * 2 SPD Film types available (gLighth and gDarkh); Both are controllable for a wide range of            transparency.    
Type Light color Dark color
Transmittance OFF 1-2% <1.0%
ON(AC) 50V 45-55% 30-35%
ON(AC) 100V 60-65% 48-53%
Haze(ON_100V) <6% <6%
Light color Dark color



Fast Switching  
     * Quickly swithch from dark blue to        clear. (Speed: 1-3s)               


  Fast Switching          
       * Applicable for tall and wide         surfaces, curves and small         designs.                  
  Reduce Heat Build-up From Sunlight  
          * SPD Film effectively hepls reduce heat gain casued by sunlight.  
Glass SHGC
Clear single pane 0.72
SPD + Clear Glass 0.13-0.57
  1) Data source is DSET Labortories and RFI (Research Frontiers Inc.)  
  2) Example: SHGC 0.4=40% of sun's heat enters                                                                                     
                         The lower the SHGC number shows the less heat enters.  
  Applicable for architectural window and partition and aircraft, marine, automobile and so on.  
Automobile, marince, aircraft use Architectual window, electrical appliance & Partition use etc.
*1 Supplied by InspecTech Aero Service, Inc.  
*2 Supplied by Research Frontiers Inc.  
*3 Supplied by Innovative Glass Corp.  
  Purchasers of SPD Film must first obtain a commercial license from Research Frontiers Inc.  
  * Hitachi Chemical only supply SPD Film. However, if you have any questions about Bus-bar  
    processing and license etc., please free to contact us.  
  * Please refer to the following URL for further details of license etc.  
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