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               Electronics-Related Materials
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    Various sizes are available, or you can choose any size you want, wide/narrow & long/short. It is retentive of heat and the effect keeps long because of the anti-absorbent ability for moisture. It is suitable for a thermal stuff, like air conditioner and various freezing compartment.  
      Functional Film Products
       Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Film
       Adhesive Film For Display
       Film for Semiconductor Related       Product
         Masking Film for a Plating Process
               Cross-linked foamed polyethylene
   Features      Inorganic dense-packed foam
  Little copper corrosion   Foamed Polyethylene Thermal       Insulation Sleeve
          The corrosion for copper is extremely small even after extended periods of service.  
  Long-term thermal insulation      SPD Film "LCF-1103DHA"
          This product has an excellent thermal insulation property. The insulation effect lasts for   RFID Products UHF(860- 960MHz)
           long period because it is little or no moisture absorption.  
  Flexible      Outline of RFID Products
          Suit for bending operation and Increase the workability with the flexibility.      Ultra Small Package Tag
  Excellent chemicals resistance      Document Tag
          Especially, they have a high performance in resistance for the corrosion from acids and      Metallic Tag
           alkalis.   Carbon & Ceramics
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  Air conditioner piping thermal insulation      Products Alphabetical List
  Refrigerating and air conditioner apparatus thermal insulation      HOME
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