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               Electronics-Related Materials
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    This foam is acknowledged for an excellent insulator on a bending roof, and it is cleared the severe standard test of heat-resistance & semi-incombustible. It is possible to use a conventional roll foaming process because of the flexibility & plasticity. Three types of color are available.  
      Functional Film Products
       Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Film
       Adhesive Film For Display
       Film for Semiconductor Related       Product
         Masking Film for a Plating Process
               Cross-linked foamed polyethylene
      Inorganic dense-packed foam
         Foamed Polyethylene Thermal       Insulation Sleeve
         SPD Film "LCF-1103DHA"
      RFID Products UHF(860- 960MHz)
         Outline of RFID Products
         Ultra Small Package Tag
         Document Tag
         Metallic Tag
      Carbon & Ceramics
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