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               Electronics-Related Materials
   <Hiethylene-S>     inquiry      Advanced Perfromance    Products
    It has a high-resistance for heat and a nice shock absorption property because the products are produced through high foaming of polyethylene. It is also anti-absorbent for water and moisture because of an independent foaming. It is easy to handle in the next process, and also it is possible to use in various way.  
      Functional Film Products
       Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Film
       Adhesive Film For Display
       Film for Semiconductor Related       Product
         Masking Film for a Plating Process
            Cross-linked foamed polyethylene
         Inorganic dense-packed foam
         Foamed Polyethylene Thermal       Insulation Sleeve
         SPD Film "LCF-1103DHA"
      RFID Products UHF(860- 960MHz)
         Outline of RFID Products
         Ultra Small Package Tag
         Document Tag
         Metallic Tag
      Carbon & Ceramics
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         Products Alphabetical List
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