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               Electronics-Related Materials
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    This adhesive film is a masking film for the stripe plating on a lead-flame processing.
It is suitable to mask non-plating part on various article materials, and it has an excellent chemical resistance.
      Functional Film Products
       Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Film
       Adhesive Film For Display
         Film for Semiconductor Related       Product
      Masking Film for a Plating Process
               Cross-linked foamed polyethylene
   Features      Inorganic dense-packed foam
  Less infiltration of the plating liquid, because of the special adhesiveness.      Foamed Polyethylene Thermal       Insulation Sleeve
  High performance in Heat-resistant & Chemical-resistant.  
         SPD Film "LCF-1103DHA"
   Application   RFID Products UHF(860- 960MHz)
  It is suitable as a film which does the non-plating part in masking when various  
          materials for the lead frame manufacturing are plated like the stripe.      Outline of RFID Products
         Ultra Small Package Tag
   Standard Specification      Document Tag
Grade (N/25mm) Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m) Material
Film Hue Surface Note
K-2130B 0.69 0.05 20~100 2000 Special PP Blue Flat General Type
K-2140B 1.08
K-2150B 1.57
K-2160B 2.25
K-2165B 2.94
K-3940B 1.08 0.03 3000 PET Blue Flat Axxurate Type
K-3950B 1.37
     Metallic Tag
    Carbon & Ceramics
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       * The above datasheet is a sample observation value under certain testing conditions, not  
          guaranteed performance.  
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