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               Electronics-Related Materials
        inquiry      Advanced Perfromance    Products
    HITALEX protects the subject's surface, which is Name-plate, Coating plate, Resin plate, etc., from scratches, and
it also improves the lubricating ability between the subjects and molds at the processing, like the bending and the drawing. The film also protects the subjects from various contamination. We are ready to serve all kinds of film and the adhesion strength for various purpose.
      Functional Film Products
    Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Film
       Adhesive Film For Display
       Film for Semiconductor Related       Product
       Masking Film for a Plating Process
               Cross-linked foamed polyethylene
   Features      Inorganic dense-packed foam
  We are ready to serve all kinds of film and the adhesion strength for various purposes.      Foamed Polyethylene Thermal       Insulation Sleeve
  Environmental Friendly. (Polyolefin film)  
         SPD Film "LCF-1103DHA"
   Application   RFID Products UHF(860- 960MHz)
  Surface protection film for the processing, the transportation, and the storage.  
          - Keep the quality of products, or Protect the products surface from scratches during      Outline of RFID Products
            the transportation and the storage.      Ultra Small Package Tag
          - Protect the products from scratches in the processing, like the cutting process,      Document Tag
            bending process, and molding process.      Metallic Tag
      Carbon & Ceramics
   Examples of Use   Automotive-Related
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       Hitachi Chemical. Co, Ltd.
Cutting Bending Molding
  ** Please feel free to consult us any question about our film, and we are ready to serve a  
            lot of kinds of film and and the adhesion strength for various purposes.  
   Catalog / Technical Data  
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