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               Electronics-Related Materials
    Anisotropic Conductive Film <ANISOLM>   Semiconductor-Related
  for TAB inquiry   Display & Optics-Related
    "ANISOLM" is a leading invention of Hitachi Chemical for display interconnection. The conductive particles dispersed in adhesive electrically connect circuits and microscopic electrodes on the glass. This type has achieved excellent connection reliability, since the optimum conductive particles are adopted to each state of electrodes.     Anisotropic Conductive Film
         for TAB
       for COG
       for Solderless Conntective Film
      Transparent Conductive Transfer   Film
         MS series
              Photosensitive Dry Film for Rib   Patterning
    Anisotropic Conductive Film <ANISOLM>  
  for COG inquiry      MB series
    This type is available for microscopic bump of bare chip. It has excellent adhesion to glass and Si chip     Optical Clear Adhesive Materials   "FINSET"
       Film Type
         Liquid Type
      Base Materials for PWBs
      Printed Wiring Boards
               Advanced Performance    Products
    Anisotropic Conductive Film <ANISOLM>  
  for Solderless Connective Film (MF Series) inquiry      Products Category List
    MF Series is developed based on ACF technology for non display uses.      Products Alphabetical List
       Hitachi Chemical. Co, Ltd.
    Transparent Conductive Transfer Film  
  MS series inquiry  
    MS series is transferable transparent conductive film for touch panels, which enables conductive patterning on various base materials. It realizes a level of compatibility between conductivity and transparency. In addition, it contributes to customers in terms of process reduction and productivity improvement.  
    Photosensitive Dry Film for Rib Patterning  
  MB series inquiry  
    MB series are photosensitive films with alkaline developer for RIB patterning on several base materials, which can produce excellent fine structures  
    Optical Clear Adhesive Materials "FINESET"  
  Film Type inquiry  
    FINESET (film type) is a highly specialized optically clear film adhesive that fills interlayer spaces between touch panel- related components such as a liquid crystal display module and a touch panel, a touch panel and a cover glass, etc.  
    Optical Clear Adhesive Materials "FINESET"  
  Liquid Type inquiry  
    Liquid-type applies to small- and medium-sized touch screens and for improving the visibility of large-sized LCDs.