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               Electronics-Related Materials
  MB series inquiry   Semiconductor-Related

MB series are photosensitive films with alkaline developer for RIB patterning on several base materials, which can produce excellent fine structures.

  Display & Optics-Related
        Anisotropic Conductive Film
       for TAB
       for COG
       for Solderless Conntective Film
        Transparent Conductive Transfer   Film
             MS series
    Features     Photosensitive Dry Film for Rib   Patterning
  Due to the film shape, it makes uniform thickness and good workability.  
  Due to the high performance of photo sensitively and developing ability, it can produce   MB series
         fine patterning on the large-area in a lump.     Optical Clear Adhesive Materials   "FINSET"
  Good adhesiveness with glass or various resin base materials  
  Colorless or several colored types are available upon requests.      Film Type
         Liquid Type
    Example of Application   Base Materials for PWBs
      - Example for Display Materials: preparing rib structure   Printed Wiring Boards
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Grid structure Pile structre
Resist profile of grid structure Resist profile of pile structure
iL/S=40/ 300 m) (=40 m, H=80 m)
Item Unit Results Measurement Method
 Mechanical  Tensile Strength MPa 6.8 Tension test Thickness: 120m
Length: 20mm
Speed: 5mm/min
Temp.: R.T.
 Young's Modulus Pma 1150
 Elongation % 1
 Pencil Hardness - 2H -
 Water Absorption % 2.3 23 C /24h Water dipping
 Thermal  Glass Transition  Point C 85 TMA Thickness: 80m
Length: 30mm
Temp.: -40-150 C
Rate of temp. increase: 5 C /min
Frequency: 1Hz
 Coefficient of  Thermal  Expansion ppm/K 1 = 9.2 (52.4 - 67.8 C )
2 = 854 (96 - 100.6 C )
 Electrical  Dielectric  Constant - 4.12 Electrode:37
Guard Electrode(Inside39, Outside50)
Temp.: R.T.
Frequency: 1kHz
 tan   - 0.013
 Electrical  Resistivity v cm 6.9~1015 Volume Resistivity Voltage: DC 500V
Temperature: R.T.
Electrode: 50
 Adhesive  Minimum Line  Width m Glass: 22
PET: 18
Thickness: 40m
UV Exposure: 700 mJ/cm2
          E-paper; 3D Display etc.