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               Electronics-Related Materials
        inquiry      Chemical-Related Materials
    Hitachi Chemical's anode material is artificial graphite with many internal pores. These pores promote smooth intercalation of lithium ions and allow as many ions as possible to be stored in each particle. This unique particle structure realizes superb performance and high capacity.   Plastic & Composite
      Carbon & Ceramics
       Brushes for Automobile
       Brushes for Appliance and Power
           Tool Motors
         Brushes for Micro Motors
         Carbon Sliding Materials
            AnodeMaterial for Lithium
   Features          Ion Batteries
  Maximize the usage time of Li-ion batteries through its high capacity      Glass-like Carbon
  Expand the possibilities of mobile applications by utilizing its superior discharge capacity.      <HALOX>
  Maintain its prime performance at low temperatures      <HALOX-Z>
         Silicon Carbide (SiC) Ceramics
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  Mechanism of Li-ion battery  
  Intercalation to and deintercalation from Hitachi Chemical's anode material