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           Electronics-Related Materials

  Screw Terminal Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

             Display & Optics-Related
    We started the development of capacitors with large   Base materials for PWBs
  capacitance and for high ripple current, ahead of other   Printed Wiring Boards
  companies. Now, our capacitors for mid- to high-voltage   Capacitors
  have a high market share. Our Screw Terminal Type        Screw Teminal Capacitors
  Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors are used for inverters      Radial Type Capacitors
  for trains and elevators etc. in the fields that are required      Snap Mount Capacitors
  to offer high reliability.      Photo Flash Capacitors
         Film Capacitors for Power        Electronics    
    Features      Resin Encased Type
  Through the self-development of high-quality anode foil and electrolyte, high      Resin Dip Type
          reliability and excellent cost performance have been achieved.      Tape Wrapped Type
  Our products are used for the equipment that requires a large capacitance such      For SMD
          as inverter and large power source.      Advanced Performance    Products    
  Lead-free/Conforming to RoHS Directive.  
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