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           Electronics-Related Materials

 Manganese Dioxide Capacitors                                                       details 

inquiry   Semiconductor-Related
           Display & Optics-Related
    Niobium Capacitor is a polar capacitor which has niobium   Base materials for PWBs
  pentoxide as a derivative formed on the sintered body surface
  Printed Wiring Boards
  of niobium metallic powder.   Capacitors
  This capacitor is small-size and flame-resistant and has large      Screw Teminal Capacitors
  capacitance. Lead-free, environmental-conscious product.      Snap Mount Capacitors
  Used as an alternative of general-purpose tantalum capacitor      Photo Flash Capacitors
  and suited for circuits using tantalum capacitor with fuse (with      Manganese Dixode Capacitors       Niobium
    lead contained) for safety, power supply of battery-driving  
      devices, etc.      High Performance Polymer       Capacitors
    Features      Manganese Dioxide Capacitors       Tantalum       
  Small-size, large capacitance  
  High in safety
     Chip Capacitors (PET, PPS,        PEN)
          (High flame-resistant in short-circuit compared to Tantalum Capacitor)  
  Lead-free/Conforming to RoHS Directive.      Resin Dip Capacitors (PET,  PP,       PPS)
            Tape Wrapped Capacitors (PET,     PP)
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