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           Electronics-Related Materials

  Film capacitors for Power Electronics

             Display & Optics-Related
    High voltage, large capacitance and large current type improved   Base materials for PWBs
  by high reliability dielectric film.   Printed Wiring Boards
         Screw Terminal Capacitors
         Radial Type Capacitors
         Snap Mount Capacitors
         Photo Flash Capacitors
           Film Capacitors for Power             Electronics
    Features      Resin Encased Type
  [MLC, E62, E62-3HF]      Resin Dip Type
  Suitable for converters and inverters of wind/solar power generation systems etc.      Tape Wrapped Type
  High reliability, large capacitance and high current specification.      For SMD
  MLC is suitable for DC applications. E62(single phase type) and E62-3HF(three phase type)      Advanced Performance    Products    
  are suitable for AC applications.  
                Products Category List
  [E51~E55]      Products Alphabetical List
  Suitable for surge voltage/current absorption such as snubber capacitors for switching circuits.      HOME
          Hitachi Chemical. Co, Ltd.
  Custom design box type capacitor based on applications and operating conditions.
  High reliability of withstanding voltage due to using of our original segmented metallized film.