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               Electronics-Related Materials
    Glass Epoxy Multilayer Material (FR-4)   Semiconductor-Related
  MCL-E-67 ・GEA-67N <prepreg> inquiry   Display & Optics-Related
Type No. MCL-E-67 is a FR-4 multilayer material which has excellent properties of CAF as well as various electric and mechanical properties. This material is suitable for cellular phone, electric switching equipment, PCs and wide range of other applications.
  Base Materials for PWBs
         Glass Epoxy Multilayer Material
       Halogen Free Multilayer Material
       High Heat Resistance Multilayer       Material (FR-4)
       High Tg Glass Epoxy Multilayer       Material <MCL>
               High Elastic Modulus, Low CTE       Glass Epoxy Multilayer Material
    Halogen Free Multilayer Material <MCL>  
  MCL-BE-67G(H) ・ GEA-67BE(H) <prepreg> inquiry      Halogen Free, High Elastic        Modulus, Low CTE Mulilayer        Material
    "Green Multilayer material ""Type No. MCL-BE-67G(H)"" has
achieved the UL94V-0 level of flammability, by developing an
original thermosetting resin that has excellent anti-flammability
property without using any compounds which includes
halogen, antimony, or red phosphorus.

This material has good heat resistance and high elastic
modulus at high temperature, and low CTE. So it is
advantageous for the soldering process at the high
temperature lead-free solder, and it is suitable for high density
interconnection technology."
       High Elastic Modulus, Low CTE       Multilayer Materials for       Thin Package Substrates <MCL>
       Low Dissipation Factor, High          Heat Resistance Multilayer       aterial
           Low Transmission Loss Material
               Low Dielectric Constant, Low       Dissipation Factor, High Heat       Resistance MultilayerMaterial       <MCL>
  High Heat Resistance Multilayer Material (FR-4)  
  MCL-E-73 ・ GEA-73N <prepreg> inquiry  
    MCL-E-73 has superior heat resistance property, which is suitable for the lead free soldering process with lower CTE and excellent through-hole reliability. It is well suited to electronics for automobiles, personal computer, high density electronic equipment etc...  
         Halogen Free, Low Dielectric       Constant, High Heat Resistance       Multilayer Material <MCL>
       Halegon Free, Low Dielectric       Constant, Low Dissipation Factor       Multilayer Material <MCL>
           Glass Epoxy Copper Clad              Laminate (FR-4)
    High Tg Glass Epoxy Multilayer Material <MCL>  
  MCL-E-679 ・ GEA-679N <prepreg> inquiry      Low Press Temperature, Adhesive       Film (AS-2600)
    These FR-5 equivalent materials offer increased Tg (175 TMA)
and improved through-hole reliability. minimal water
absorption rates of less than 50% of conventional FR-4s, these
materials use advanced resin technology to offer superior CAF
restraining property and better It is suitable for the substrate of
plastic BGA.
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    High Elastic Modulus, Low CTE Glass Epoxy Multilayer Material <MCL>    
  MCL-E-679F(R) ・ GEA-679F(R) <prepreg> inquiry  
    "Type No. MCL-E-679F is high elastic modulus and low CTE
materials. (20% lower of CTE compared to conventional FR-4.)
And it has the properties for higher elasticity, higher barcol hardness.

The warpage is very low, and it is suitable for the substrates of
plastic memory card, memory module boards, base core
material for build-up PWB, and LCD's driver boards."
    Halogen Free, High Elastic Modulus, Low CTE Multilayer Material <MCL>  
  MCL-E-679FG(R) ・FG(S), MCL-E-679FGB(S) <Black Type>    
  GEA-679FG(R) ・ FG(S) <prepreg> inquiry  
    "Type no. MCL-E-679FG" has achieved the UL94V-0 level of flammability without using any compound which includes halogen, antimony red phosphorous. This material has high-Tg, high elastic modulus and low CTE. So it is suitable for the substrates of plastic package, LCD's driver boards, and high density interconnection and advantageous for the soldering process at high temperature with lead free solder.  
  High Elastic Modulus, Low CTE Multilayer Materials for Thin Package                            Substrates <MCL>  
  MCL-E-679GT ・ GEA-679GT <prepreg> inquiry  
    MCL-E679GT has halogen free, lower CTE and higher modulus, which is suitable for thin package as SiP and PoP application.  
  Low Dissipitation Factor, High Heat Resistance Multilayer Material <MCL>    
  MCL-LX-67Y ・ GXA-67N <prepreg> inquiry  
    "Type No. MCL-LX-67Y" is high heat resistance multilayer material, which indicates low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor in GHz range of frequency, and also the processing characteristics are close to conventional FR-4. It is suitable for high frequency circuit board of cellular phone base station in the wireless communication market.  

Low Dielectric Constant, Low Dissipation Factor, High Heat Resistance                        Multilayer Material <MCL>

  MCL-FX-2 ・ GFA-2 <prepreg> inquiry  
    Transmission loss in the GHz band can be reduced to about 50% of our standard FR-4. Standard glass fabric (E-glass) specification makes drilling and cutting workability as high as that of our standard FR-4. It is suitable for network applications, super computer, measuring equipment, high-frequency modules and antenna application.  
  Halogen Free, Low Dielectric Constant, High Heat Resistance Multilayer                        Material <MCL>  
  MCL-HE-679G ・ GHA-679G <prepreg> inquiry  
    MCL-HE-679G is halogen free and has good dielectric characteristic suitable for high frequency signals, and superior heat resistance for high layer count board. lt is suitable for network applications (router, server), and high frequency devices.  
  Halogen Free, Low Dielectric Constant, Low Dissipation Factor Multilayer                        Material <MCL>  
  MCL-LZ-71G ・ GEA-71G <prepreg> inquiry  
    MCL-LZ-71G is halogen free and has high heat resistance property for the lead-free soldering process, suitable for high-frequency application, network applications, base station, high speed modules, with its low transmission loss property.  
  Low Transmission Loss Material <MCL>  
  MCL-LX-67F inquiry  
    "Type No.MCL-LX-67F" has low transmission loss that equals (a low dissipation factor) fluorine resin board(PTFE) and have a very excellent dielectric properties. Also, the processability of Type No.MCL-LX-67F does not require the type of treatment which is unique to the PTFE, thus can be processed using general FR-4 process. "Type No.MCL-LX-67F" is suitable for the antenna and converter PWB etc. of a high frequency band.  
  Glass Epoxy Copper Clad Laminate (FR-4)  
  MCL-E-67 inquiry
    Type No. MCL-E-67 is a FR-4 material for double sided PWBs, and has good properties as electric properties, surface smoothness, and dimensional stability. This material is suitable for office automation equipment, game machines, and electronics for automobiles.
  Low Press Temperature, Adhesive Film  
  AS-2600     inquiry
    "Type No. AS-2600" can be laminated under low press temperature and low press conditions. It is suitable for lamination to polyimide film and other metal (ex. nickel).