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               Electronics-Related Materials
  MCL-LZ-71G EGZA-71G <prepreg> inquiry   Semiconductor-Related
    MCL-LZ-71G is halogen free and has high heat resistance property for the lead-free soldering process, suitable for high-frequency application, network applications, base station, high speed modules, with its low transmission loss property.   Display & Optics-Related
      Base Materials for PWBs
       Glass Epoxy Multilayer Material
       Halogen Free Multilayer Material
       High Heat Resistance Multilayer       Material (FR-4)
       High Tg Glass Epoxy Multilayer       Material <MCL>
               High Elastic Modulus, Low CTE       Glass Epoxy Multilayer Material
  Transmission loss in the GHz band can be reduced to about 40% of our standard FR-4.      Halogen Free, High Elastic        Modulus, Low CTE Mulilayer        Material
  Halogen free material for environmental concerns.  
  General-purpose glass fabric (E-glass) specification makes drilling and cutting  
           workability as high as that of our standard FR-4.      High Elastic Modulus, Low CTE       Multilayer Materials for       Thin Package Substrates <MCL>
  High Tg, low water absorption and excellent heat resistance.  
    Characteristics      Low Dissipation Factor, High          Heat Resistance Multilayer       aterial
       Thin Laminate
Items Conditions Units Actual Values (t0.8mm) Test Method (IPC TM-650)

 Dielectric  Constant

1MHz C-96/20/65 -- 3.60 ~ 3.80
1Ghz*1 3.50 ~ 3.70
1Ghz*2 3.55 ~ 3.75
 Dissipation  Factor 1MHz C-96/20/65 -- 0.0030 ~ 0.0050
1Ghz*1 0.0050 ~ 0.0070
1Ghz*2 0.0035 ~ 0.0055
 Copper Peel  Strength 18m A kN/m 0.6 ~ 1.0 2.4.8
 Tg TMA C 165 ~ 175 2.4.24
 Solder Heat Resistance  (260C) A Sec. > 300 --
 Water Absorption E-24/50+D-24/23 % 0.03 ~ 0.04
 CAF 85C/85% RH, 100V Hrs. > 1000 --
 Flammability (UL-94) A -- V-0 Equivalent 2.3.10
 Decomposition  Temperature(5% Weight  Loss) TGA C 350 ~ 370 2.3.40
     Low Transmission Loss Material
     Low Dielectric Constant, Low       Dissipation Factor, High Heat       Resistance MultilayerMaterial       <MCL>
     Halogen Free, Low Dielectric       Constant, High Heat Resistance       Multilayer Material <MCL>
       Halegon Free, Low Dielectric            Constant, Low Dissipation           Factor Multilayer Material <MCL>
     Glass Epoxy Copper Clad              Laminate (FR-4)
     Low Press Temperature, Adhesive       Film (AS-2600)
  Printed Wiring Boards
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     Hitachi Chemical. Co, Ltd.
  *1) : Measured by Triplate-line Resonator.    
  *2) : Measured by Material Analyzer.