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               Electronics-Related Materials
  MCL-HE-679G EGHA-679G <prepreg> inquiry   Semiconductor-Related
    MCL-HE-679G is halogen free and has good dielectric characteristic suitable for high frequency signals, and superior heat resistance for high layer count board. lt is suitable for network applications (router, server), and high frequency devices.   Display & Optics-Related
      Base Materials for PWBs
       Glass Epoxy Multilayer Material
       Halogen Free Multilayer Material
       High Heat Resistance Multilayer       Material (FR-4)
       High Tg Glass Epoxy Multilayer       Material <MCL>
               High Elastic Modulus, Low CTE       Glass Epoxy Multilayer Material
  Dissipation factor is about 50% lower than that of our standard FR-4.      Halogen Free, High Elastic        Modulus, Low CTE Mulilayer        Material
  High Tg and superior heat resistance for soldering. (Suitable for the lead free process)  
  The coefficient of thermal expansion in Z-direction is about 30% lower than that of our  
           standard FR-4.      High Elastic Modulus, Low CTE       Multilayer Materials for       Thin Package Substrates <MCL>
  Environmentally friendly material. It achieved the UL 94-V-O level of flammability without  
           using any compound which includes halogen, antimony or red phosphorous.  
                Low Dissipation Factor, High          Heat Resistance Multilayer       aterial
       Thin Laminate
Items Conditions Units Actual Values (t0.8mm) Test Method (IPC TM-650)

 Dielectric  Constant

1MHz C-96/20/65 -- 4.30 ~ 4.50
1Ghz*1 3.90 ~ 4.10
1Ghz*2 4.10 ~ 4.30
 Dissipation  Factor 1MHz C-96/20/65 -- 0.0060 ~ 0.0080
1Ghz*1 0.0080 ~ 0.0100
1Ghz*2 0.0070 ~ 0.0090
 Copper Peel  Strength 18m A kN/m 0.8 ~ 1.1 2.4.8
 Tg TMA C 180 ~ 190 2.4.24
 Solder Heat Resistance  (260C) A Sec. > 300 --
 Water Absorption E-24/50+D-24/23 % 0.03 ~ 0.04
 CAF 85C/85% RH, 100V Hrs. > 1000 --
 Flammability (UL-94) A -- V-0 Equivalent 2.3.10
 Decomposition  Temperature(5% Weight  Loss) TGA C 370 ~ 390 2.3.40
   Low Transmission Loss Material
     Low Dielectric Constant, Low       Dissipation Factor, High Heat       Resistance MultilayerMaterial       <MCL>
       Halogen Free, Low Dielectric             Constant, High Heat Resistance             Multilayer Material <MCL>
     Halegon Free, Low Dielectric       Constant, Low Dissipation Factor       Multilayer Material <MCL>
     Glass Epoxy Copper Clad              Laminate (FR-4)
     Low Press Temperature, Adhesive       Film (AS-2600)
  Printed Wiring Boards
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     Hitachi Chemical. Co, Ltd.
  *1) : Measured by Triplate-line Resonator.  
  *2) : Measured by Material Analyzer.