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               Electronics-Related Materials
  MCL-E-73 EGEA-73N <prepreg> inquiry   Semiconductor-Related
    MCL-E-73 has superior heat resistance property, which is suitable for the lead free soldering process with lower CTE and excellent through-hole reliability. It is well suited to electronics for automobiles, personal computer, high density electronic equipment etc...   Display & Optics-Related
      Base Materials for PWBs
       Glass Epoxy Multilayer Material
       Halogen Free Multilayer Material
         High Heat Resistance           Multilayer Material (FR-4)
       High Tg Glass Epoxy Multilayer       Material <MCL>
    Features      High Elastic Modulus, Low CTE       Glass Epoxy Multilayer Material
  Heat resistance is superior to that of our standard FR-4, and suitable for the lead free  
          process.      Halogen Free, High Elastic        Modulus, Low CTE Mulilayer        Material
  The coefficient of thermal expansion is lower than that of our standard FR-4 and that  
          makes excellent through-hole reliability.  
  Suitable for punching process.      High Elastic Modulus, Low CTE       Multilayer Materials for       Thin Package Substrates <MCL>
  CAF restraining property is superior to that of our standard FR-4.  
    Characteristics      Low Dissipation Factor, High          Heat Resistance Multilayer       aterial
Items Conditions Units Actual Values (t0.8mm) Test Method (IPC TM-650)
 Tg TMA ‹C 135 ~ 145 2.4.24
 CTE*1 X (30`120‹C) ppm/‹C 12 ~ 15 2.4.24
Y 14 ~ 17
Z (<Tg) 35 ~ 45
(>Tg) 180 ~ 240
 Copper Peel  Strength 18ƒÊm A kN/m 1.2 ~ 1.4 2.4.8
 Water Absorption E-24/50+D-24/23 % 0.04 ~ 0.06
 CAF 85‹C/85%RHC100V Hrs. >1000 --
 Decomposition Temperature  (5%Weight Loss) TGA ‹C 340 ~ 360 2.3.40
     Low Transmission Loss Material
     Low Dielectric Constant, Low       Dissipation Factor, High Heat       Resistance MultilayerMaterial       <MCL>
     Halogen Free, Low Dielectric       Constant, High Heat Resistance       Multilayer Material <MCL>
     Halegon Free, Low Dielectric       Constant, Low Dissipation Factor       Multilayer Material <MCL>
     Glass Epoxy Copper Clad              Laminate (FR-4)
     Low Press Temperature, Adhesive       Film (AS-2600)
  *1) : Heating Rate:10‹C/min.
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