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               Electronics-Related Materials
  MCL-BE-67G(H) E GEA-67BE(H) <prepreg> inquiry   Semiconductor-Related
    "Green Multilayer material ""Type No. MCL-BE-67G(H)"" has achieved the UL94V-0 level of flammability, by developing an original thermosetting resin that has excellent anti-flammability property without using any compounds which includes halogen, antimony, or red phosphorus.
This material has good heat resistance and high elastic modulus at high temperature, and low CTE. So it is advantageous for the soldering process at the high temperature lead-free solder, and it is suitable for high density interconnection technology."
  Display & Optics-Related
      Base Materials for PWBs
       Glass Epoxy Multilayer Material
        Halogen Free Multilayer Material
       High Heat Resistance Multilayer       Material (FR-4)
       High Tg Glass Epoxy Multilayer       Material <MCL>
         High Elastic Modulus, Low CTE       Glass Epoxy Multilayer Material
    Features      Halogen Free, High Elastic        Modulus, Low CTE Mulilayer        Material
  High heat resistance after water absorption compared to conventional FR-4.  
  Elastic modulus at high temperature is higher than conventional FR-4.  
  CTE is lower than conventional FR-4.      High Elastic Modulus, Low CTE       Multilayer Materials for       Thin Package Substrates <MCL>
  TG is 140 to 150 oC, which is higher than conventional FR-4.  
  DK & Df vs frequency and temperature is stable.  
         Low Dissipation Factor, High          Heat Resistance Multilayer       aterial
         Low Transmission Loss Material
         Low Dielectric Constant, Low       Dissipation Factor, High Heat       Resistance MultilayerMaterial       <MCL>
         Halogen Free, Low Dielectric       Constant, High Heat Resistance       Multilayer Material <MCL>
         Halegon Free, Low Dielectric       Constant, Low Dissipation Factor       Multilayer Material <MCL>
         Glass Epoxy Copper Clad              Laminate (FR-4)
         Low Press Temperature, Adhesive       Film (AS-2600)
      Printed Wiring Boards
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