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               Electronics-Related Materials
    Carbon Sliding Materials <HITALOCK>      Advanced Performance    Products
    Glass-like Carbon has a pore-free and amorphous structure like that of glass and combines the features of carbon with those of glass.It has a high corrosion resistance, high hardness,high uniformity,and less particle. Considering the characteristics, Glass-like Carbon is used in Semiconducor Manufacturing Process, heat treatment Process etc.   Functional Film Products
    Carbon & Ceramics
       Carbon Sliding Materials
       Protective Film for Automotive       Body
         Brushes for Automobile
               Planar Antenna for Foward        Looking Radar System
    Protective film for automotive body  
        inquiry      Planar Antenna
    This adhesive film has an excellent protective function, or less effective to the painted layer, and environmental-friendly in comparison with the usual protection wax. It has a good weather resistance and great workability also.      Disc Brake Pads
       Drum Brake Units
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    Brushes for Automobile  
    Automobiles use lots of small motors in devices such as starters, electric fans, wipers, power windows. These automotive brushes are demanded for efficiency, durability, low noise and recently decrease in material of environmental pollution (lead free). Hitachi has a great deal of experience in manufacture of brushes for automotive motors. Hitachi offers high-quality brushes for automotive.  
    Planar antenna for forward looking radar system  
    We offer small and low profile antenna with high-gain performance and high reliability. It would be achieved with our original antenna structure and utilizing the material technology. Our antenna will contribute to improve the detection capability of your radar system and the installation in front of the vehicle.  
    Planar antenna  
    Planar antenna is a key component of radio correspondence system as outside translation to reciprocate high speed & large data.  
    Disc Brake Pads  
    Each products has specific features such as high braking function, noise resistance performance, and wear resistance performance contributes to the improvement of brake performance, reduction of the stopping distance, and extension of the service life.  
    Drum Brake Units  
    LT type, D2L type, DS, LT type which functions as a DS for parking operations, and a single-shoe type parking-dedicated drum brake that is not availabe from other domestic manufacturers. These products contribute to weight reduction and braking function improvement.